End of Romance in the Plot of the Dilan Film Universe

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by: Roma Kyo Kae Saniro
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JurnalPost.com – “Ancika: She Who is With Me” (2024) represents the fourth film in the Dilan film universe, with greater emphasis on the character Ancika. This female protagonist takes a central role in the narrative. Ancika’s quote, “If he is truly the winner, he will not become the past” (Ancika, 2023), conveys her unwavering belief that she holds a victorious position in Dilan’s heart and will not quickly fade into history.

Previously, the audience was very familiar with the romantic story between Dilan and Milea, which had been prioritized in the previous three films. However, in this fourth film, Milea’s departure from Dilan’s narrative takes a significant position, creating new dynamics in the plot. Milea, who previously served as Dilan’s companion, embarks on a new chapter in her life as she finds a new partner.

Despite Milea’s exclusion from Dilan’s story, the film underscores the idea that Dilan’s romantic journey does not end abruptly. Ancika assumes a character role inevitably connected to Dilan’s existence. The affirmation that Ancika is not a part of the past confirms that her presence in Dilan’s life is an unavoidable destiny, injecting freshness and novelty into his reality.

Thus, the film not only records fluctuations in Dilan’s love life but also explores themes of fate, the courage to reopen one’s heart, and the prospect of a second chance in matters of the heart. Ancika, as the protagonist, introduces a fresh and innovative perspective to the narrative, adding to the audience’s encounter with an alternative love story while maintaining an intrinsic connection with the previously established universe in Dilan’s cinematic works.

Aligned with the release on January 11, 2024, the film “Ancika: She Who is With Me” is anticipated to provide avid Dilan fans with an entirely new experience, ultimately guiding the audience through a romantic adventure laden with emotions and unexpected twists. As recipients of the film, initial expectations may have been driven by the anticipation that the film’s plot would remain connected to the reappearance of Milea in Dilan’s life. Milea, introduced as a character in the previous three films and immortalized in four novels, has become a significant and iconic focal point in Dilan’s cinematic universe. Consequently, the audience could anticipate the continuation of the love story between Dilan and Milea.

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However, a plot change occurs when another female character, Ancika, emerges and attempts to alter Milea’s role in Dilan’s life. Although Ancika introduces new dynamics to the narrative, the audience may struggle to forget Milea. Concerning the plot of the Dilan novels, built upon the love journey between Dilan and Milea since 1990, Milea becomes a challenging character to overlook for the audience, as she has become an integral part of Dilan’s narrative.

This plot change produces two contrasting images for the audience. On one side, there is Dilan and Milea’s effort to forget and cope with the separation in a manner consistent with the realistic trajectory of a love story. However, on the other side, Ancika’s presence and the developing love story between Dilan and Ancika inspire a different romantic essence, resulting in a beautiful love story.

Although these changes may not meet the expectations of certain audience members anticipating the continuation of Dilan and Milea’s love, the film strives to explore the complexities of love and offers a new perspective on possibilities that arise after separation. Ancika, as the central character, plays a significant role in shaping Dilan’s new love story, potentially evoking a mix of emotions among the audience, who have formed an emotional bond with Milea.

As the fourth installment in the Dilan film universe, the film represents a significant change in the dynamics of Dilan’s romantic attachment. The introduction of Ancika, a female protagonist taking a central role in the narrative, introduces a new conflict and shifts the plot focus. Ancika’s assertive statement, “If he is truly a winner, he will not become the past” (Ancika, 2023), reinforces her conviction that she occupies an unshakeable place in Dilan’s affection, refusing to be relegated to mere memory.

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While the audience has been accustomed to the love story between Dilan and Milea in the previous three films, the fourth film introduces changes by highlighting Milea’s departure as a crucial element. Once in the spotlight, Milea begins a new chapter in her life, searching for a new partner. Conversely, Ancika emerges as the protagonist who introduces new conflicts and offers a fresh perspective on love.

The character development of Ancika as the central figure adds a new dimension to the narrative. At the same time, Milea remains present in Dilan’s memories of the past. The juxtaposition between the past relationship (Milea) and the current relationship (Ancika) adds emotional depth to the plot. Themes of destiny and fate are reflected in Ancika’s belief that her relationship with Dilan is a destined outcome that cannot be avoided.
The film explores the theme of a second chance in love, showing that Dilan has the opportunity to open his heart to a new love despite the breakup with Milea. By combining these literary elements, “Ancika: She Who is With Me” weaves a multifaceted narrative that connects with previous works while simultaneously offering the audience a new and innovative experience.

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